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Tulip Garden Kashmir opening dates in 2024 

Tulip Garden Kashmir, the buzzing trending sound coming from the city of Srinagar, the place of peace decorated with the most prestigious Mughal gardens. Eventually, Tulip Garden Kashmir opening dates in 2024 are just out, and everyone was on their feet about the update. The historical Tulip Garden in Srinagar is in the middle of some famous attractions like Nishat and Botanical Garden.

Tulip Garden Kashmir opening dates in 2024/ Kashmir tulip festival packages
Tulip Garden Kashmir opening dates in 2024/ Kashmir tulip festival packages

The Screen freshes the breezes of Dal Lake, constantly moisturizing and nourishing the soft petals of Tulip flowers. These waves produce a gentle touch and activate some happy hormones. The Garden is famous for being the most extensive tulip garden in Asia. Despite the breathtaking beauty of tulips, it also give birth to other flowers like daffodils, hyacinths, and ranunculus, which adds a colour combo to the Garden.

The Tulip Garden opening dates in 2024 are confirmed for 19 March 2024, and the timing will be 10 am. The garden will remain open till April 20.

Kashmir Tulip Festival 2024

Kashmir Tulip Festival 2024 will be a treat to watch, with a grand exhibition inviting artists from every corner to showcase their talent at the most prominent event. The Tulip Garden is a real treat for the eyes as they look at some glorious flower colours. The Tulip Festival will be celebrated on the first week of the lunching, and the mega event will be on 19 March 2024.

Among the most prominent festivals, The Tulip Garden Festival of Jammu and Kashmir is one of the most prestigious ones.

The best time to visit Kashmir Tulip Garden

The best time to visit Tulip Garden Kashmir in the peak April season is at the start of April. The Tulip Garden is a welcome glimpse of Spring in The Kashmir Valley after the long winter. In the early days of tulip season, the tulips are like blooming buds. However, after a few days, the Tulips start flourishing and will turn out to be real gold. Tulip Garden Kashmir opening dates in 2024 are the talk of the town these days.

Tulip Garden Kashmir

When does the Kashmir Tulip Garden open in 2024?

The Tulip Garden opens on the 19th of March, 2024

What are the operating hours?

The operating hours for Tulip Garden Srinagar are 09 am to 06 pm.

Is there an entry fee, and can I buy tickets online?

Yes, the entry fee depends on the age. Some special discounts are provided to Young and old people, and the price starts from 60 to 200 Rs per ticket. For online booking of tickets, either go to the website +918050957907

Are photography and videography allowed?

Yes, for personal use. Commercial and professional shoots require prior permission.

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