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Kashmir has record break tourism in 2023 after G20

Introduction to mass growth of Kashmir tour packages in 2023 after G20 summit

With new heights of tourism in Jammu and Kashmir, the valley has experienced the all-time golden hosting opportunity with all guns blazed. The summer has just lit the glory of green meadows and turned the flawless beauty into gold.

The estimated number of 45 lack tourists visited Kashmir this summer. From the blooming of tulips to the fall of snowflakes, the mesmerizing beauty of the valley will leave every visitor in a state of ultimate joy.

The sudden rise in Kashmir tourism after G20

There is no denial of the beauty of the uniqueness in nature and weather of Kashmir. When the whole country is experiencing heat waves despite that the valley is breezed with a cool atmosphere. The climate of Valley is so soothing and healing that everyone falls in love with it. The Valley tourism got a boost after the completion of the G20 summit this summer. People worldwide now had a sense of calmness while planning a trip to Kashmir.

Kashmir is the largest tourism hub in India

Various hill stations in India are famous for their locations and views. Manali, Dehradun, and Kerala are highly rated in the country. Tourism is considered the future of the Indian economy and Valley is going to be the biggest contributor in this regard. The unique and mesmerizing site scenes in Valley have been the first choice for foreign travelers. The infrastructure and the warm hosting have taken Valley to the next level to meet all the requirements of the tourism industry.

Kashmir is set to be the leading travel destination in Asia

Kashmir is set to give a tight competition to Dubai, although provided with full support by the government. Valley is laden with vast destinations, mountain peaks, famous rivers, historical buildings, and Mughal gardens. Famous destinations like Gulmarg, Sonmarg, Pahalgam, and Dal Lak have conquered the heart of travelers.


Additionally, The 4 different seasons are 4 vibrant colors of Kashmir that are quite different from each other. Every season has its distinct class from others. The winter is all set for winter sports like ice skiing and ice hockey. The summer season is love for water sports in Dal Lake and the autumn for red football.


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